A Daoist with his weapons of choice, the bow and beads

The Daoist is a ranged support class that excels at healing but also has a decent damage output against enemy mobs. the Daoist equips a bow with beads in the off hand to increase the effectiveness of his healing


Lvl 1:

  • Spirit Arrow: Conjure arrows that deal slight damage to enemies, and lesser healing to allies. No cap to the number of Spirit arrows that can be held at once.
  • Extract: Launch your held qi arrow forward at a reduced effectiveness

Lvl 2:

  • Qilin Arrow: Conjure an arrow that does greater damage to enemies and lesser healingto allies. Low max cap.
  • Diffuse: consume the held qi arrow to apply its effect to everyone in the surrounding area at a reduced effectivness

Lvl 4: 

  • Split Hairs: Lauch 2 arrows in rapid succession, if the second hits the same target as the first, it is 50% more effective

Lvl 6:

  • Phoenix Arrow: Conure an arrow that applies a damage-over-time debuff to enemies and a regeneration effect to allies

Lvl 8:

  • Arrow Fan: Launch a number (based on level) arrows forward in a fan-spread pattern

Lvl 9:

  • Dao Step: Teleport a number of blocks in the direction ou are looking. You stay held in the air for 5 seconds after arriving to allow chain casting of this ability

Lvl 10:

  • Tortoise Arrow: Conjure an arrow that reduces damage afflicted enemies deal to the shooter by a percentage and steals threat from allies hit

Lvl 11:

  • Energize: Applies a buff to target ally, increasing thier attack speed by a percentage

Lvl 12:

  • Focus: Increases effectiveness of your skills against the target ,but reduces effectiveness against non targets.

Lvl 14:

  • Tiger Arrow: Conjures an arrow that shields allies from damage for a time and causes enemies to take a flat amount of bonus damage on thier next hit

Lvl 16:

  • Qi Splash: Applies a buff to tthe target ,causing the mt oheal nearby allies for a percentage of the damage they take

Lvl 18:

  • Dragon Arrows: Conjures arrows that prevent enemies from attackin, and restore the qi of allies

Lvl 20:

  • Awareness: For a time, your arrows are 50% more effective and are not consumed when fired. However ,once the effect ends, your qi is complletely drained