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A Level 25 Martial Artist's Healt hand Qi bars with 2 layers of bonus showing

The Martial Artist is the default or "base" class. Alone it adds very few abilities (gaining it's last ability at 10 rather than 20) but has the upside of both granting bonus health and qi, as well as its abilities being present even when using other classes.


Lvl. 1:

  • Spirit Guide: Opening the spirit guide will allow you to ask the location of your spirit orb, and for small bits of advice. Later, you will also accept and return quests with this skill.
  • Meditate: You regenerate your qi much faster while you meditate, however after meditation ends you gain a debuff, lasting the same amount of time you meditated, that causes you to take 1000% increased damage, and deal 90% less damage as well as heal 90% less effectively.
  • Fast: Allows you to restore your hunger without food, however fasting grants the debuff "suppressed hunger" until you eat. for each stack of suppressed hunger you have (unlimited stack cap) your hunger will decay 2.5% faster than normal.

Lvl. 2:

  • Recall: Teleports the caster back to the world spawn (or a bed if he has slept in one)

Lvl. 4:

  • Spring Jump: While holding crouch your jump height is increased by a percentage based on the level of the Martial Artist class.

Lvl. 5:

  • Light Armor: While active this skill lowers armor rating of equipped armor by 25%. For each half of an armor point lost your attacks cause 2% less damage and your casting speed is increased by 3%
  • Heavy Armor: While active this skill raises armor rating of equipped armor by 25%. For each half of an armor point gained your attacks cause 5% more threat, your attacks deal 2% less damage, and the durability of your armor decays 2% slower

Lvl. 6:

  • Wall Climb: While crouching you can climb walls

Lvl. 8:

  • Air Catch: Reduces fall damage taken while crouching by a flat amount. for each heart prevented you are slowed by a percentage for 5 seconds and gradually recover

Lvl. 10:

  • Air Jump: Allows you to jump multiple times (number of times is based on level)