Monk With Copper armor and Copper Spade and Copper- Bound Tome

Copper Spade

Recipe for Copper Spade

Copper Bound Book

Recipe for Copper-Bound Tome

The Monk is a versatile class. He is a more mid-ranged dps character that casts mid-long range spells with various debuffs. His spell debuffs range anywhere from simple slows to long, powerful stuns.

A nice easy combo is Bolt, hit with spade, Bolt.


Lvl. 1:

  • Qi Missile: Shoot a projectile that deals flat damage, but no knockback

Lvl. 2:

  • Bolt: Strikes target wit hlightning dealing weapon damage plus flat damage with a chance to stun

Lvl. 4:

  • Cold Burst: Launches a chill all around you, slowing all enemies hit

Lvl. 6:

  • Meteor: Launches a ball in front of you. All enemies around the impact take knockback, weapon damage, flat damage, and additional damage ove time. A direct hit results in a 15% overall increase in damage.

Lvl. 7:

  • Reverb: Causes your attacks to add a stacking buff (max 10 stacks) to yourself. For each stack a percentage of your spell damage reverberates as healing to the lowest health ally nearby

Lvl. 8:

  • Static: Reduces target attack speed by a percentage for 10 seconds

Lvl. 9:

  • Ice Walk: Allows the caster to fly around on a sheet of ice. However, speed increases exponentially traveling downward and decreases exponentially travelling upward.

Lvl. 10:

  • Earth Spire: Hits target wit ha spire of earth dealing weapon plus flat damage, the target gains a debuff that increases the damage taken for a time (stacks 5 times)

Lvl. 11:

  • Elephant Spirit:For a time, the casters spells deal 50% bonus damage and 1000% threat. Each heart of damage taken during this time reduces the cooldown and duration of this skill by one second. Each heart of damage dealt extends the duration by one second.

Lvl. 12:

  • Snow Bind: Root target in place with snow for a time

Lvl. 14:

  • Hailstorm: Fire a stream of hailstones at the enemy dealing flat damage and slowing them

Lvl. 16:

  • Sing: Reduces targets armor by a percentage for a time

Lvl. 18:

  • Shock: Stuns all nearby enemies for a time

Lvl. 20:

  • Storm: A storm rages around the caster. enemies caught within take increasing damage each second. each time damage is dealt, a stacking debuff that slows the target is also applied


A Monk equips 2 special items. A Bound Tome in the off-hand, and a Spade in the primary.

  • The spade does minor weapon damage, however instead of blocking on right click, the spade charges up a knockback spell that can be used for no qi cost. Walking around with this psell charged causes no move speed penalty as blocking would.
  • Bound Tomes increase the severity and/or effectiveness of the debuffs applied by the Monk's abilities