A pugilist donning Jade armor, and his 2 Horn Knives

The pugilist is a fighter who wields 2 Horn Knives as weapons, (1 offhand, 1 main hand) and deals rapid, close combat melee damage to enemies, by empowering his fists with qi, and using his superior mobility to his advantage.


Lvl. 1:

  • Fists of qi: each time you strike someone, you gaina qi charge, stacking up to 5 times
  • Burst of qi: consume your stored qi charges to deal an extra 20% damage per charge on your next attack

Lvl. 2:

  • Skilled Fist: You attack faster while this skill is active, however, your attacks cause half hearts of damage and no knockback

Lvl. 4

  • Backflip: Press the sneak key after taking damage to reflect half the knockback from the next attack to the attacker and increases your speed by 100%

Lvl. 6:

  • Arm Bar: Prevents the target from attacking for a time

Lvl. 7:

  • Brain Rattle: Deals weapon damage to the target and cuts the threat level of the target in half and the remaining half is split among nearby allies
  • Shadow Kick: Deals weapon damage and has a chance to confuse the target. Nearby allies reduce the amount of threat this skill generates and increases the chance to confuse

Lvl. 8:

  • Palm Strike: Deals weapon damage plus flat damage and does extra knockback

Lvl. 9:

  • Featherlight: Allows the user to fly through the air

Lvl. 10:

  • Wall Run: Allows you to passively run up short walls, and afterwards gain a chance to dodge the next incoming attack

Lvl. 11:

  • Summon qi: Summons 5 qi charges, refunding a portion of the qi cost for each charge you already have. If the qi charges are spent on an ally, the skill returns 80% of the cost.
  • Burst of Life: Consume stored qi to heal the target for 1 heart per charge, or heal yourself for .5 hearts per charge.

Lvl. 12:

  • Burst of Energy: Consume your qi charges to stun the target for .25 seconds per charge and 1.5 for the fifth charge

Lvl. 14:

  • Devoted Fist: Deals weapon damage plus flat damage to the target, however, missing reduces your armor temporarily

Lvl. 16:

  • Wall Jump: Passively gain the ability to jump off walls. After wall jumping, your next attack before landing will have a 25% damage bonus

Lvl. 18:

  • Fist Flurry: Deals weapon damage plus flat damage to enemies in a cone in front of you

Lvl. 20:

  • Battle Flow: Strikes every target around you for 5 seconds. For each target hit, your attack speed is increased by a percentage for the duration of the skill, and 30 seconds thereafter.


The pugilist is a melee fist-fighter who uses Deer Horn Knives as knuckles to enhance his attacks. the knives are equipped in both the off hand and main hand slots.