A soldier wielding his Diamond sword and shield

The soldier is a tank class commited to defending allies, and punishing enemies with heavy attacks and tons of armor. The soldier equips a shield in the offhand slot, which provides as much armor as having a second chestplate.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Lvl 1:

  • Power Strike: Consumes qi to add additional flat damage to your attack

Lvl. 2:

  • Deflection: Reduces the damage of the next 5 frontal attacks by a percentage (based on level)

Lvl. 4:

  • Antagonize: Halves weapon damage but causes 400% threat to target and reduces targets attack power. Stacks up to 5 times

Lvl. 6:

  • Spin Cut: Deals weapon damage plus a flat bonus to all nearby enemies

Lvl. 8:

  • Anticipate: Increases doge chance by a percentage (based on level) for a time. each succesful doge lowers this bonus by a percentage (based on level)

Lvl. 9:

  • March Order: reduces your base movement speed by 20% while active, however as long as you run in a straight line you rapidly accelerate through various tiers of speed, each granting a special bonus.
    • Tier 1: starting speed
    • Tier 2: Water walking
    • Tier 3: Throws enemies in your path out of the way
    • Tier 4: Increased jump hieght, decreased fall speed
  • While it IS possible to accelerate beyond tier 4 for higher speed, no extra bonuses are granted.

Lvl. 10:

  • Entice: Force the target to attack you for a time, as well as reducing the damage they to others.

Lvl. 12:

  • Blade Rush​: Charges forward dealing weapon damage, bonus flat damage, and knockback to all enemies in your path.

Lvl. 13: 

  • Attract: Pull all nearby enemies to you. Once they reach you they are slowed for a time by an amount based on proximity to you.

Lvl. 14:

  • Martyrdom: Restores a percentage of your current health to target ally. Using this ability adds a mark of the Martyr to the caster that stacks up to 10 times. Each mark reduces the casters armor and damage dealth by a percentage.

Lvl. 16:

  • War Cry: Puts you over the max threat for all nearby anaemies, then applies a debuff causing enemies that deal damage to other targets ot have thier armor reduced by a percentage (based on level)

Lvl. 18:

  • Meteor Smash: Leap into the air and crash down on your enemies, dealing weapon damage and stunning all nearby enemies.

Lvl. 20:

  • Reaper: While active this skill grants multiple bonuses:
    • Converts all damage taken to damage over time. Killing the source stops this damage completely.
    • Gain a percentage chance for emeies near you to be stunnded in fear for a time
    • Generate threat passively against all nearby enemies
    • Gain a percentage chance (based on level) for all damage dealt by you to be increased